Smarts Equal Potential

Intelligence is an amazing thing to have; some born with it; some born without; some gained; some lost. It is often mistaken for smartness, people are quick-to-judge when someone acts smart, but lacks actual intelligence. The same could be said about lacking common sense and being misjudged and being called dumb, stupid, moronic, or being an idiot. This is where people are wrong with their judgement, because they are judging others based on what the person’s first impression is; and it is not a good judge of intelligence to base it upon a first impression. Overall, it is all situational; the first conversation may be something that the person knows little about, does not speak up or speaks incorrectly about the subject; then is seen as dumb. However, if the subject is something the person knows a lot about, but knows nothing about anything else, speaks about the subject fluently, correctly, and without any trouble; then they appear smart or intelligent. It is difficult to say if a person is intelligent or smart off of a first impression, so people should save their time and get to know someone (if they care to); before they judge them based on it.

This does not always apply with only first impressions either; this can be at any given time really, but does not apply too much to someone you have known for a long time and have had several conversations with throughout the relationship. The reason being is because you have known the person for a long while; know how they work, what their good at; bad at; know a lot about; know nothing about; etc. So they have a general idea of the person; and the person has a general idea of them.

A lot of people have intelligence, or the average amount, but do not have the smarts to use the intelligence they were born with or learned. That is when the difference between being smart and being intelligent separates. Smarts is the act of using the intelligence you were given or learned and put it towards something that will benefit you; firstly; and benefit the chosen people around you; secondly. However, it is a difficult task to realize that someone is actually intelligent and have the smarts to do something with it; being that most of the populace have negative outlooks on each other, and are too busy with thinking that they are not either intelligent or smart; and continue to let their abilities lay dormant.

This is why they need to realize their potential and use their smarts they were given; act upon whatever amount of intelligence they have; know what they may be good at, something they may have a knack for; pursue it and prosper with it! This could be anything and is usually different for each person; intelligence is not just about knowing a lot about a lot of things; they can use their intelligence to do things not usually related to intelligence; being able to draw well, make beautiful music, write novels, become a professional in a sport, excel body and mind through studies and exercise; anything can be done if they figure out what they’re good at; become great and/or master it and prosper with it!

When it comes down to it; smarts can be related to potential; by definition potential is “capable of being or becoming.” Using the smarts they have, you are capable of acting upon the intelligence and make it into something; or in the process of becoming something. However, not all smart people realize the smarts or potential they have; let it become stagnate and/or not even be relevant to their everyday lives; and fade away with the rest of the masses of people who were unable to realize the same thing.


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