Pure, Mixed, and Impure Listeners

Music is a magical and abstract thing that can persuade, resonate, evolve, and move people to do, to create, or simply to feel something. It is almost impossible to capture and explain the essence of music; but a lot of people have tried and gave their perspective and feelings on their preferred type of music, and how it influenced their lives. They are not all wrong, per se, but one person’s perspective on music means it is not the same for every other person. The feeling someone gets from music is unique and individualistic.

Even though music is meant to be for everyone; anyone can choose to listen to whichever type they prefer over the others; or listen to all different types of music. However, people should try to listen to the music that they relate to the most; music that creates more feeling(s), thought(s), and emotion(s) than the rest of the styles of music they also enjoy. This way they can always be inspired by their type of music; and use their inspiration towards something beneficial for themselves.  An example of this would be when weight lifters listen to music to get “in the zone” or get “pumped up” before and during a weight lifting session. The music is creating a “zone” in which they are able to perform the best that they can perform (their performance, in this sense, is the best they believe they can perform or how much their body allows them to perform). This is only one example, but this applies to (almost) every type of person; from weight lifters to computer programmers. Music has the ability to put anyone into the “zone” and seemingly enhance their abilities (of course, only if they are “in tune” with the music that they are listening to).

Whenever someone says they listen to music, or a lot of music, there are three possible categories they can be fit into. The first category of listeners are “pure listeners.” They have a true and genuine love for music, not just specific parts of music; their love is for everything that music is. It is sometimes difficult to express what they think or feel about music; because what they feel is nearly impossible to verbalize to someone else. After the first category, there is the second category, considered “mixed listeners.” They possess some attributes of the pure listener and the impure listener; some aspects of music they love and appreciate to the fullest extent, but these feelings do not apply to music overall. Some aspects of music they push aside, dislike, or completely ignore; which tends to be found in an average person who casually listens to music. They could be found solely paying attention to mainstream music; not delving much into underground music, and/or possibly following some types of music because they want to be accepted by their peers. Now, the third and final category; “impure listeners.” They do not possess any attributes of a pure listener, nor do they possess any genuine love for music. They tend to stick to the music on the radio, television, or by their peers. Also, they may be deceitful to themselves (and others) and simply follow the music that their peers listen to, to secure social acceptance and not be that “one guy (or girl),” even if they do not like the music they are listening to! They will barely (if ever) delve into underground music; or stray away from the mainstream path.

Now which category do you fit in?


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